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IP.Nexus v1.5.9 for IP Board v3.1.3


IP.Nexus v1.5.9 for IP Board v3.1.3

Sell physical or digital products, even subscriptions

IP.Nexus doesnt restrict you to one kind of product. In fact, you can sell almost anything imaginable. Features like stock control and shipment handling help you keep inventory and sell physical products. Integration with IP.Downloads and built in licensing management makes it possible to sell digital products like eBooks and software. And, of course, since its an application for the IPS Community Suite, you can also sell membership subscriptions to your own community.

Purchasing rules give you more possibilities

Since IP.Nexus is part of the IPS Community Suite, it inherits the powerful permissions system. This means you can restrict package availability to certain usergroups – great for offering special packages to premium users. You can even require that certain packages are purchased before others become available to buy.

Automatic subscription handling to upsell access

Subscriptions make it possible for you to offer premium features to paying users, like access to new forums in IP.Board, access to a subscriber chatroom with IP.Chat, or more upload space across the community. When a subscription is purchased, the users group is automatically upgraded. And when it expires, theyre automatically returned to the group they were previously in. Its all automatic and handled for you!

Gift cards, coupon codes & discounts help increase loyalty

IP.Nexus gives you a range of incentive options. Users can purchase virtual gift cards to send to friends and family, who can then redeem them towards goods in your store. You can also offer coupon codes, with flexibile rules on which packages they apply to, validity and reuse. Or use the discounts feature to offer incentives for bundle purchases, or to previous customers, and more.

Built-in advertising capabilities

IP.Nexus expands on the simple advertising capabilities in IPS Community Suite, providing a more robust system that even allows users to buy advertising space in the community. Packages can be offered that sell an ad slot by length of time or number of clicks, which users buy just like any other product. Their ad then enters the automatic rotation until expiration. Self-service advertising is a great way of supporting a community!

Advanced hosting integration with CPanel/WHM & eNom

IP.Nexus includes support for selling hosting packages via integration with CPanel & WHM. Package allowances are created in IP.Nexus, and automatically synced with your servers, while customers are automatically assigned to servers based on rules you define. IP.Nexus can automatically suspend or terminate accounts upon non-payment of an invoice. Theres also eNom integration allowing you to sell domain names.

Unlimited SKUs

Whether you choose to self-host your community or opt for one of our Hosted Community packages, theres no limits on the number of products you can sell. Whether you plan to sell just a few items, or an entire catalog, IP.Nexus supports it. And the only transaction fees youll pay are between you and the payment handler you select – theres no additional transaction fees to pay.


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